Cashless Vending

Choose Griesedieck for Cashless Vending Options

Self-Service Cashless Vending Is Convenient

Cashless vending options are available for your workplace.  Griesedieck provides payment solutions for your onsite vending micro market transactions.  Whether you have a micro market, break room vending machines, coolers and/or freezers, or you need a payment center for cashless vending operations, contact Griesedieck Vending, or call us at 314-429-5656 to discuss vending payment solutions and general food selection.

Benefits of Adding Cashless Vending to Your Workplace

Your card swipe equipment or payment kiosk can support a variety of functions including indicating inventory stocking requirements.

A few of the benefits of a cashless vending solution include:

  • Easy self-service vending solutions
  • Faster transaction processing
  • Mag stripe supports all major credit cards (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and bank debit cards)
  • Multiple item purchase capability for each card swipe/transaction
  • MDB Interface payment options
  • DEX Interface payment options
  • Additional payment solutions include using employee badges or reloadable cards accepted at our cashless vending units
  • Customers may view a readout display indicating transaction processing status (whether cards are charged, not charged, or if the transaction is cancelled by the user)
  • Food selection monitoring and inventory stock tracking allows for enhanced product selections (customized for optimal sales) and reducing “stock-outs” of favorite foods and snacks
  • Eliminating the hassle of vending machine refunds
  • Low-profile, optional security camera(s) and signage
  • Eliminate “route-based” servicing with real-time, “demand-based” servicing
  • Reduce/eliminate machine downtime with alerts
  • Diagnostic display for unit setups
  • Auditing options and accurate reporting

With our tracking capabilities and inventory stocking service, you can provide healthier snacks and fresh food selections tailored to your employees’ preferences.  Keep your workers productive with great vending selections and convenient cashless vending.  With the great selection of Griesedieck products, your employees will likely want to stay at work for lunches and breaks.