Healthy Vending Machines Saint Louis, MO

Choose Healthy Vending and Machines in Saint Louis, MO, for Your Location

Healthy Vending Options and Machines for Saint Louis, MO, Business Locations

If your business, service location, or organization is looking for healthy vending and machinery for a location in the Saint Louis, MO, metropolitan area, then be sure to discuss your options with Griesedieck Vending Company.  In the business for over 35 years, we have the direct experience necessary to offer healthy vending services and machines throughout the Saint Louis, MO, market including our new line of Snack Smart™ Selections.

Griesedieck Vending offers inventory stocking, vending services and machinery including a wide range of customizable options from office coffee service and/or beverage dispensing equipment, food and snack vending machines and service, or equipment and payment technology solutions for a customizable micro market.  We can provide you with fresh foods, fruit, snacks, sandwiches, meals and other healthy vending options including vegetarian and Vegan selections.

Contact Griesedieck Vending at 314-429-5656 in order to discuss your current vending supply, maintenance and inventory stocking options, as well as to develop a menu for your vending location.

Choose Healthy Heart Snack Smart™ Selections for Healthy Vending in the Saint Louis Area

Healthy Heart Snack Smart™ food items are marked with a noticeable “heart-shaped” logo.  This logo is easily identifiable for customer convenience.  Our food items in this category must meet a minimum of four out of seven, specific healthy snack guidelines. Snack Smart™ products have nutrition labels reflecting nutritional value based upon a 2,500 calorie per day diet.  The specific criteria to meet these healthy vending standards comprise:  total calories, total dietary fiber, total carbohydrates, total amount of sodium/salt, and total amount of fat, saturated fats, and any trans-fats in a specific food product.

We also offer a variety of healthy snack items as well including fruit selections, juices, salads and even sandwiches and meals.

Choose Healthy Vending Options for Employees and Customers at Your Business in Saint Louis, MO

There are many reasons to choose Griesedieck Vending’s Snack Smart™ food selections for your healthy vending machines in Saint Louis, MO.  Griesedieck Vending offers fresh foods and healthier snacks than many vending companies in the market. We handle general equipment set up, inventory stocking and offer cashless vending solutions.  Our clients can customize vending selections or an entire micro market utilizing our wide selection of healthier food options as well as inventory tracking to determine which fresh foods sell well at a given location.  You can support the food and healthier lifestyle choices of employees and customers by offering healthier vending selections.

A few of the benefits of choosing fresh foods, healthier snacks and health vending selections for your machines in Saint Louis, MO, include:

  • A large selection of hundreds of healthier snack selections, fresh foods, fruit, salads, and low fat food selections
  • Snack Smart™ food selections are based on a 2,500 calorie per day diet and have convenient food labels for health-conscious
  • Healthier food choices are easily identifiable as Snack Smart™
  • Healthier, fresher food options are better for employee wellness
  • Keep employees at your workplace by offering health options—this can also reduce long lunches
  • Food selection monitoring and inventory stocking is easy and you can customize your selections depending on your employee and customer preferences to optimize sales
  • Vegetarian selections and Vegan options
  • Portion-control options
  • Custom food selections can include complete meals, ethnic or regional selections
  • Your healthy vending machines for Saint Louis, MO, locations are easy-to-use, self-service vending solutions for workplace environments

Vending Payment Solutions

Griesedieck Vending offers self-service, vending payment solutions.  We will maintain your machines and equipment, work with you regarding vending menus, set up equipment, a check-out kiosk, or provide self-service, cashless vending solutions that can include:  mag stripe vending payment options (AMEX, MasterCard and VISA credit cards, bank debit cards, reloadable cards, etc.), DEX Interface payment solutions, MDB payment options, or we can even set up healthy vending machines for payments utilizing employee badges.

Contact Griesedieck Vending (314-429-5656) today to discuss your options for healthy vending machines in Saint Louis, MO.