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Healthy Vending St. LouisHealthy Vending Options

If you’re looking for healthier vending alternatives we have you covered. We have a great selection of crisp salads, fruits, juices, low-fat or low-calorie selections, and even a wide range of “health and wellness” items. Check out our line of Snack Smart™ products that make it easy to identify these healthy options.

Healthy Heart Snack Smart

For customer convenience, all our Healthy Heart Snack Smart™ food items have a noticeable “heart-shaped” label on them. Each Snack Smart™ product has a nutrition label that reflects the nutritional value based upon a 2,500 calorie per day diet.


Snack Smart LogoTo comply the with the healthy vending standards, our Snack Smart™ food items must meet four of the seven healthy snack guidelines:

  • total calories
  • total dietary fiber
  • total carbohydrates
  • total amount of sodium/salt
  • total amount of fat
  • total amount of saturated fats
  • total amount of trans-fats

Griesedieck Machines

Griesedieck Vending will maintain your equipment, work with you on your vending menu, set up equipment or we can set you up for self-service, cashless vending solutions that also accept all major credit and debit cards. (AMEX, MasterCard, VISA credit cards, bank debit cards, reloadable cards, etc.)

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