Customizable Micro Market Options

We partner with a global leader of self-service convenience technology with over 25,000 currently deployed POS nationwide. Innovative technology suite paired with concierge hospitality to provide the ideal solution for whatever your application including mobile only to self-service kiosks. Transform a traditional breakroom or concession area into self-service turnkey dining and vending market that will improve customer & employee experience while reducing costs.

An Entire Ecosystem

We’ll work with you to design your ideal market, bring your site live, and assist you with our technical support whenever you need it. Our dedicated Implementation & Support Teams assist you from order to open (and all your needs after), 99.99% uptime and 24/7 live on first call, proves we are built-to-scale and our reputation for quality service and hardware is unparalleled.

Griesedieck Micro Markets Offer a Wider, Healthier Selection

Micro market vending services with customizable menus, soups, sandwiches, meals, salads, coffee, beverages and healthy snacks are a great alternative to standard vending machines, which are generally stocked with fattening snacks. Griesedieck Vending Company introduces a new concept in food vending solutions. Our micro market provides an exceptional alternative to break room, snack vending—specifically, lower fat, lower calorie, healthier, fresh foods, sides, and complete meals.

Lower Fat

Lower Calorie


Fresh Foods


Complete Meals

What is a Micro Market?

Micro Market

Unique Appearance & Contents

A micro market is not stuck to the rigid constraints of a vending machine. Your market will fit wherever you have space and can be customized from head-to-toe or should we say look-to-products, for your location.

Happy Client

Increased Happiness

When an employee feels like you care about their well-being, they are more inclined to be satisfied at work and more productive.

griesedieck vending solutions

Increased Productivity

The body needs fuel to have strength during the day. Not only do happier employees show increased productivity, but employees with easy access to healthy snacks and meals are less likely to be distracted and stressed at work.

A micro market is a self-contained store within your business...

The purpose of this store is to serve the needs of your staff from food & beverages to every day needs. Micro markets are customizable to your staff, easily updated and changed, and are less limited in product type, size & freshness. Here are some reasons why a micro market can be one of the best investments you will ever make for your business and employees:

How Does It Work?

Just Choose, Scan, Checkout!

From fresh food to candies, electronic accessories to company clothing, and everything in between. A breakroom market can be tailored to a clients exact wants and needs.

Market user’s will enjoy the large variety of products available in a breakroom market.

Scan products at the kiosk or on your smartphone with the mobile app.

The market accepts multiple payments options: Cash, Credit and Market Account.

The Mini Market

7 ft or 2.1 m
This market is a perfect starting point or great for an office of 25 to 50 employees.

Express Market

4ft. Or 1.2m
An x-small market solution or a great set-up to start small and grow from.

The Medium Market

10ft or 3m
This market is a perfect fit for an office of 50+ employees.

The Mega Market

16ft. Or 4.9m
Great for locations with 75-125 employees

The Mammoth Market

16ft or 4.9m
Great for locations with more than 125 employees.

Complete your market with the finishing touch of custom fixture surrounds. Giving your store a polished look and creating exponential added value to your break room markets!

The Process

  1. Measure your space.
  2. Pick your equipment.
  3. Order fixtures based on your space and needs.
    • 2′ or 3′ Slatwall Fixtures
    • Single or Double Door Cooler Surrounds
    • Checkout & Coffee Fixtures
    • Microwave Stand
    • Gondola Fixture
    • Countertop Options

Micro markets can save approximately 18 hours of wasted time per employee, per year! Add the finishing touch of fixtures to really create a custom break room that employees will look forward to using day after day.

Griesedieck Vending will set up your customized micro market and keep your selections stocked.  We have beverage dispensers, coolers, freezers, display shelving, and other equipment to set up a small or a larger break room eatery that will offer a large selection of alternative foods.  We make it easy for companies to provide healthier alternatives.

Companies really only need a few things to start operations:

  • A room with enough space for the products
  • Power for coolers, freezers, coffee dispensers, lighting, display cases, video surveillance camera(s), and the self-payment kiosk
  • An Internet connection for the payment kiosk

We can customize your food selections, inventory items, fresh foods, beverages, breakfast foods, salads, wraps, deli sandwiches, specialty items, and other products.  You can even monitor sales to figure out the types of items that sell well.  Your options are almost limitless.

You can choose healthier food alternatives including crisp salads, fruits, juices, low-fat or low-calorie selections, and even a wide range of “health and wellness” items, Vegan, vegetarian, fixed calorie, or even ethnic food options.  Your new customize-able micro market eatery will deliver better quality, healthier, fresher food for employees or patrons.

Griesedieck Vending Company provides equipment set up and inventory stocking services.

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