Food Vending Machines

Along with our traditional beverage and snack vending services, we offer food services that will satisfy your employees lunch needs. Give your employees a vending option that doesn’t require them to leave the office and waste time. The food that we provide is often much healthier and more affordable than out of office options. Explore some of the healthy options that we offer.

Selection of Food Items

We know that it is easy to get burnt out on food if you eat the same thing every day, that’s why we offer a wide selection of foods. Our healthier fresh food options help to promote employee wellness and wellbeing. Our menu of vending food includes:

  • Customized foods that are tailored to meet your employee or customer preferences
  • Fresh sandwiches, wraps and similar items
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh salads and lower-calorie/lower-fat dressing selections
  • Healthier meal selections

Griesedieck Machines

Griesedieck Vending will maintain your equipment, work with you on your vending menu, set up equipment or we can set you up for self-service, cashless vending solutions that accept all major credit and debit cards. (AMEX, MasterCard, VISA credit cards, bank debit cards, reloadable cards, etc.)

Contact Griesedieck Vending (844-428-6425) to discuss your options for healthy vending in St. Louis, MO.

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