Griesedieck Vending’s Technology Advantage

Machine Monitoring 24/7 – How It Works

  1. The Vending machine downloads data (inventory levels, stock outs, power outages, jammed coins & bills, sales, cash collected, temperature, etc.) to wireless cell hub.
  2. The hub transmits data to Griesedieck Vending’s local system. GV’s system generates optimized routes for the day based on the data and parameters set by Operations Manager.
  3. Operations Managers print routes and pre-pick inventory for each machine on the routes.
  4. Route drivers ‘kit’ and service each machine on the route utilizing service notes regarding bill and coin jams, cooling issues, power outages, etc.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Reduces/eliminates machine downtime due to malfunction – Real time alerts regarding bill validators, coin mechanisms, card readers, power outages, temperature, etc. allows for immediate correction.
  • Eliminates ‘Route Based’ servicing – No more scheduling of your machines based on an operator’s geographical or weekly schedule preference. No more guesstimating what amount of business your machines have done over a period of time, and what service issues there may be. Real time data allows GV to service your machines through demand-based servicing. We know where to go, when to go, and what to bring instantly via our communication with each machine.
  • Reduces/eliminates stock outs of favorite items – Real time inventory status paired with historical data creates accurate forecasting for timely servicing of each machine.
  • Accurate reporting – Our clients are provided a secure, password protected login which allows the designated administrator to view and print all real time machine data, including: sales data to compare with commissions paid, machine sales summary report, product sales summary report, service alerts, service dates, etc.
  • Enhanced product selection – GV and our clients’ designated administrator can utilize the real time sales data to provide more of the products the employees of our clients desire by periodically reviewing this data and making recommendations for product offerings.

Healthy for the Environment

Low Energy

• Each vending machine is built to Energy Star standards, reducing electricity cost.


• We use state-of-the-art technology to reduce waste and optimize recycling processes in our warehouse.

Cashless Payment – How It Works

  1. Tap you phone or swipe your card
  2. Select your product(s)
  3. Enjoy

Cashless Payment – Benefits to Our Clients

Accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, new contactless cards and other forms of cashless payments (AMEX, Visa, MC, Discover)

Multiple purchases available with each swipe

Guaranteed Delivery System – How it Works

  • 10 laser beams installed in the receiver bucket area
  • Product selection drops through laser beams signaling to machine that product has been received
  • If the product does not drop through the laser beams, the machine will attempt to deliver the product up to 3 times.
  • After the 3rd attempt, purchaser is asked to ‘try another selection’ or ‘receive money back’

Guaranteed Delivery – Benefits to Our Clients

Reduces/eliminates loss of monies and/or lack of receipt of product

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