Vending Machines Saint Louis, MO

Griesedieck Vending Installs, Stocks and Maintains Vending Machines in Saint Louis, MO

Is your company or organization looking for vending machines in Saint Louis, MO, in Saint Louis County or in Saint Charles?  If so, then consider the vending options that are available direct from St. Louis-based Griesedieck Vending.  We supply vending machines, display coolers, freezers, pay-per-selection vending machines, and set up micro markets throughout the metropolitan area.

Energy-Efficient Vending Machinery and Custom Set Ups

Griesedieck Vending offers businesses complete vending solutions including customizable micro markets, break room/snack room vending solutions such as  beverage and coffee service vending, healthy snacks, fresh foods, gourmet sandwiches and traditional favorites, salads, and other delicious products.  We customize vending machine selections based on your available space and walk-through traffic.  As an example, a small, employee break room will undoubtedly have fewer pieces of equipment and selections than a complete micro market, however, we customize your machinery options, beverage and food selections, and payment options based on your company’s requirements.

Griesedieck Vending also offers businesses energy-efficient vending machines, display coolers, freezers, and other equipment that are ENERGY STAR-rated or compliant.  We offer solutions for individual business clients depending on space, accessibility to the vending machinery determined by your location and planned usage.

We also handle your inventory stocking requirements and maintain the machinery.  We can set up your location for a variety of payment solutions as well.

Contact Griesedieck Vending, or call us at 314-429-5656, to discuss your planned vending expectations, requirements, and to review your options and payment solutions.

Payment Solutions for Vending Machines in Saint Louis, MO

Griesedieck Vending can set up customized payment solutions for your vending machines in Saint Louis, MO.  We offer customers cashless vending options, as well as technology solutions, including easy-to-use, self-service cashless payment solutions.  You can opt for vending payment solutions that utilize our convenient and innovative, vending technology solutions.

Your options can include a variety solutions including:

  • Internet-accessible payment solutions
  • Mag stripe swipe equipment that supports major credit cards including AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
  • Bank debit card/mag stripe swipe cards
  • DEX Interface payment solutions
  • MDB Interface payment solutions

Other options for employee payments using Griesedieck’s vending machinery include:

  • Convenient utilization of your employee/worker mag stripe ID badges
  • Loadable payment cards
  • Payment kiosks

We also offer business clients the option of installing low-profile security cameras, entirely dependent upon your vending location’s space and your businesses security preferences.

Healthy Snacks, Meals and Drinks for Your Vending Location

We realize that many health-conscious users—including you employees—of your new vending machinery may desire healthy snacks, beverage and meals, rather than traditional favorites like soda and candy bars.  We offer our clients the option of a wide range of healthier foods, all of which have food and nutritional labels.  We can stock your new vending machines with easily identifiable packaging on our Snack Smart™ food selections.

We have food and beverage options to please just about anyone.  Some of the healthier food options that are available include:

  • Fresh crisp salads
  • Fruit selections
  • Fruit juices
  • Low-fat and/or low-calorie food and drink selections
  • Fresh sandwiches with lower-calorie/fat options
  • “Health and Wellness” selections including vegetarian selections and some Vegan items
  • Ethnic food selection options
  • Portion-control sizing on various products
  • Fixed calorie food and beverage selections

Your business may monitor items that sell well, and ones that do not sell at your location by using our food sales and inventory stocking solutions.  Vending selections, your menus and individual food items are easy for us to change-out depending on how beverage and food selections sell, and depending on your employees’ or customers’ preferences.

Contact Griesedieck Vending Co.  today, or call us at 314-429-5656, so you can to discuss your vending options and payment solutions that are available for your workplace or other space.